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(no subject)

Dear Boston bike riders,

If you want to ride in the road and be considered the same as cars, you have to follow the same rules. That means you have to stop at stop lights and yield for pedestrians when they have walk signs. I've lost count of the number of times I've been nearly hit by a bike rider as I cross the crosswalk when I have a walk sign.

A frustrated pedestrian

P.S. this goes double for motorcycle riders.
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(no subject)

The other day I am driving home and this asshole is tailgating me like whoa. I'm doing about 25/30 in a residential so I am going the speed limit and then some.

We come to an intersection and he passes me in the left turn only lane and the intersection. Completely going into the on coming lane and could have really caused an accident if someone was waiting to make a turn or driving in the other lane.

He sped past me and got to his destination just up the road a whole 10 seconds earlier. What was it? The catholic high school.

I was really tempted to follow them. If it was a teacher or parent they need a wake up call. It was not worth the few other seconds.

So stupid.

Bad Kitty

Unfounded Paranoia

There was a car being put on a tow truck on the exit 3 on-ramp with a police car parked on the unused section of ramp facing the wrong way. As I passed the cop car I heard a woman yell, “HEY!”. I whipped my head around (as much as you can with a neck ache) and I realize it was the female office in the cruiser that yelled.

As I get to the top of the ramp I see she has put her lights on and is turning around and I am thinking, “What the hell did I do?”. I stayed at the speed limit and I saw her cruiser, lights flashing, get on the highway and start to give chase and I’m thinking, “What the hell did I do?”.

Just before exit 2 the inevitable happens and she catches up to me…and passes me to pull over the guy who almost hit me because he didn’t yield at the on-ramp. The guy who then forced his way between me and the car behind me completely ignoring the yield sign.

Weird huh? It just never occurred to me that the yell hadn’t been aimed at me even though just moments earlier my thoughts had been, “Hey asshole…you know you have a yield sign, right?”

Dear Floridians:

For the love of all the gods and angels in every pantheon, ever, PLEASE do not cut all the way across 3 lanes of traffic into the turn lane without signalling!!

Yes, I know turn signals are hard to remember, and that you remembered to turn at the last minute. But the rest of us would like to NOT have an accident any time soon. Trust me, if you hit another car, you will be even later than you would have been if you'd just missed that turn.

No love,

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(no subject)

Dear Texas Drivers:

1. Turn signals are not optional. And no, putting one on after you have already started turning is not good enough.

2. When I am going exactly the speed limit, it is rather rude to honk at me and tailgate and then pass right in front of me so that I have to slam my brakes to avoid hitting you. Congratulations, you gained a few feet. Was it really worth being an jerk? It isn't like we are talking about the flow of traffic being faster and needed to be that fast for safety reasons, either.

3. You see that sign that says that the speed limit reduces to 15 miles an hour for the curves up ahead? Can you please stop getting mad at me for doing just that? This is a one-lane road, so it isn't like you can pass me. So you just tailgate me and honk. I have to drive this road to work every morning this summer, and without fail when I reach that point someone will be mad at me for following the signs.
Bad Kitty

What NOT to do in an accident

Coming home on a two lane road 50 MPH speed limit when traffic slows to a crawl for an accident ahead. Four or five cars, looks like one person wasn't paying attention and slammed into the slowing/stopping car in front of him causing a domino effect. I swear the lack of common sense in the general population is astounding...and I'm not even talking about the idiot that caused the accident!

Stupid #1) If you are in an accident, there is only cosmetic damage to your car and you are OK enough to walk around animatedly talking on your cell phone then it might be a good idea not to leave your car sticking half in the road and half in the breakdown lane. See those other people who pulled all the way into the breakdown lane? The fact that it was the guy who rear ended everyone and caused the accident in the first place was just icing on the cake.

Stupid #2) If you are a witness to the accident and want to be a good Samaritan and stick around that's great! That's awesome! It can really help the innocent victims with their insurance companies having an independent witness. Please, if you were coming from the opposite direction at the time, do NOT park in the breakdown lane directly opposite from the accident. Pull up a ways or turn around and join the party, don't help to narrow down the constricted roadway. For the love of GOD don't park in the breakdown lane DIRECTLY opposite from the idiot who left his car in the road.

Stupid #3) In spite of #1 and #2 there was actually plenty of room for two cars (SUV's, 18 wheelers) to pass each other comfortably and I was surprised at how slow it was going. I blamed it on rubberneckers until I got close enough to see Moron. Moron always wanted to be a traffic cop and he saw this as the perfect opportunity. Moron was standing directly in the middle of the narrowest section of the road alternately waving his arms at East bound and then at West bound traffic trying to get by him. Instead of having to navigate between a car half in the road and on-coming traffic or a car parked in the breakdown lane and on-coming traffic we get to navigate between a car half in the road and Moron or a car in the break down lane and Moron.
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Is there something in the water?

So, these events have all happened in the last few days.  I swear, there must be something in the St. Louis water supply that suddenly, all these different people have forgotten how to drive!

One, two, three examples ahead!Collapse )
What?  It's like four people all under a week that seem to think that stopping drastically at the last minute and cutting off traffic behind them/oncoming at them is the right way to drive.  Is there something in the water that I should be wary of?  Or, is it just the crazy weather of mid-spring back to winter that's just made everyone lose their minds?  I give up.  I just want to be able to make my 45 minute commute without getting run over or having people do stupid stuff right in front of me.  :-p
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