ladyniko (ladyniko) wrote in bad_driving,

Is there something in the water?

So, these events have all happened in the last few days.  I swear, there must be something in the St. Louis water supply that suddenly, all these different people have forgotten how to drive!

Wednesday morning, my friend/computer guru/appliance savior/kitchen master/mechanic - The Evil One was on his way to work on Telegraph Road in South St. Louis County and was almost at work when he got into an accident.

He's doing 43 MPH in a 40 zone, he has a county cop on his bumper and sees another St. Louis County cop up ahead on the other side of the road.  Along comes this old lady from the Bethesda nursing home on the right who first stops a whole car length behind the line for the stoplight, then pulls up to the line.  For no rhyme or reason, she then pulls out in front of him and stopsShe doesn't move.  She just stares at him like a deer in headlights.  He slams on the brakes however, his anti-lock brakes don't stop him completely and the county cop behind him also ends up slamming his brakes and going sideways to keep from rear ending him. 

The Evil One ended up T-Boning the old lady - pushing in her driver's side doors.  The county cops issued her a citation for failure to yield and pretty much ordered her to get a medical evaluation, saying he didn't know if she'd suffered a seizure or was suicidal for the way she stopped in front of him and two police officers.  Her car got towed and his beat up old minivan only suffered some scratches and a broken license plate frame. 

Now, Friday night, I'm driving home from his store after dropping him off from when we went to dinner.  I have to stop and get gas, since the last Shell station on my drive home is still 22 miles away from home. (I live off my parents' Shell card for gas and there are no Shell stations in the town where I live, that means I have to stop at the Allenton/Six Flags exit.) There's this car that pretty much stops in my exit lane to get off the interstate and then, crawls down to the stoplight at the bottom of the hill.  I guess they had to stop and stare at what the Six Flags sign read?  I don't even know. 

I get my gas and I get back on I-44, continuing my trek home.  I get off at my exit and again have a person pretty much stop and hold up traffic on the exit ramp.  Speed limit on the ramp is 40 MPH and this person?  Thought that doing 20 was speeding.    Finally, I get past this fool and I'm on the home stretch into town. 

I am doing like 64 MPH (Speed limit is 60 on this stretch) in the left lane on the highway and I have this car that's just hanging there, right off my back passenger door that I can't just pass and move back over.  Along comes this car and they start tailgating me.  Okay, I speed up a little bit to get around the guy that's hanging off my back door, then move back to the right lane and what does the car tailgating me do?  They lay on the gas, speed up and then, cut right back in front of me.  Okay, whatever.  Then, they slam on the brakes and stop in the right lane at the next intersection. 

What?  It's like four people all under a week that seem to think that stopping drastically at the last minute and cutting off traffic behind them/oncoming at them is the right way to drive.  Is there something in the water that I should be wary of?  Or, is it just the crazy weather of mid-spring back to winter that's just made everyone lose their minds?  I give up.  I just want to be able to make my 45 minute commute without getting run over or having people do stupid stuff right in front of me.  :-p

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