robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_driving,

What NOT to do in an accident

Coming home on a two lane road 50 MPH speed limit when traffic slows to a crawl for an accident ahead. Four or five cars, looks like one person wasn't paying attention and slammed into the slowing/stopping car in front of him causing a domino effect. I swear the lack of common sense in the general population is astounding...and I'm not even talking about the idiot that caused the accident!

Stupid #1) If you are in an accident, there is only cosmetic damage to your car and you are OK enough to walk around animatedly talking on your cell phone then it might be a good idea not to leave your car sticking half in the road and half in the breakdown lane. See those other people who pulled all the way into the breakdown lane? The fact that it was the guy who rear ended everyone and caused the accident in the first place was just icing on the cake.

Stupid #2) If you are a witness to the accident and want to be a good Samaritan and stick around that's great! That's awesome! It can really help the innocent victims with their insurance companies having an independent witness. Please, if you were coming from the opposite direction at the time, do NOT park in the breakdown lane directly opposite from the accident. Pull up a ways or turn around and join the party, don't help to narrow down the constricted roadway. For the love of GOD don't park in the breakdown lane DIRECTLY opposite from the idiot who left his car in the road.

Stupid #3) In spite of #1 and #2 there was actually plenty of room for two cars (SUV's, 18 wheelers) to pass each other comfortably and I was surprised at how slow it was going. I blamed it on rubberneckers until I got close enough to see Moron. Moron always wanted to be a traffic cop and he saw this as the perfect opportunity. Moron was standing directly in the middle of the narrowest section of the road alternately waving his arms at East bound and then at West bound traffic trying to get by him. Instead of having to navigate between a car half in the road and on-coming traffic or a car parked in the breakdown lane and on-coming traffic we get to navigate between a car half in the road and Moron or a car in the break down lane and Moron.

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