philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_driving,

Dear Texas Drivers:

1. Turn signals are not optional. And no, putting one on after you have already started turning is not good enough.

2. When I am going exactly the speed limit, it is rather rude to honk at me and tailgate and then pass right in front of me so that I have to slam my brakes to avoid hitting you. Congratulations, you gained a few feet. Was it really worth being an jerk? It isn't like we are talking about the flow of traffic being faster and needed to be that fast for safety reasons, either.

3. You see that sign that says that the speed limit reduces to 15 miles an hour for the curves up ahead? Can you please stop getting mad at me for doing just that? This is a one-lane road, so it isn't like you can pass me. So you just tailgate me and honk. I have to drive this road to work every morning this summer, and without fail when I reach that point someone will be mad at me for following the signs.
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