robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_driving,

Unfounded Paranoia

There was a car being put on a tow truck on the exit 3 on-ramp with a police car parked on the unused section of ramp facing the wrong way. As I passed the cop car I heard a woman yell, “HEY!”. I whipped my head around (as much as you can with a neck ache) and I realize it was the female office in the cruiser that yelled.

As I get to the top of the ramp I see she has put her lights on and is turning around and I am thinking, “What the hell did I do?”. I stayed at the speed limit and I saw her cruiser, lights flashing, get on the highway and start to give chase and I’m thinking, “What the hell did I do?”.

Just before exit 2 the inevitable happens and she catches up to me…and passes me to pull over the guy who almost hit me because he didn’t yield at the on-ramp. The guy who then forced his way between me and the car behind me completely ignoring the yield sign.

Weird huh? It just never occurred to me that the yell hadn’t been aimed at me even though just moments earlier my thoughts had been, “Hey asshole…you know you have a yield sign, right?”
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