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Impatient Driver

This happened last week but I'm still annoyed every time I think about it.

I was driving home from work after dark. In the opposite lane a car was stopped to turn left into the parking lot of a shopping plaza and there was a line of cars building up behind him. I decided to be nice so I stopped and flashed my lights at him to turn. He waved and turned slowly.

The silver car behind him went straight as soon as they were able and I started to go forward. Behind the silver car was a black, heavy-duty, pick-up truck with no lights on. He wanted to turn into the same parking lot as the first guy but he apparently decided not to wait. He crossed over the double yellow lines and drove straight at me rather quickly.

I hit the brakes and started screaming and waving my arms at him. He turned left missing me by inches and as he turned, I saw the driver was laughing his head off at my anger. I bet he wouldn't have been laughing if I'd hit him. He actually turned into the lane for cars to come out of the plaza so it was a good thing no one was trying to get out because he would have hit them as he sped into the parking lot.

I was shaken up the whole rest of the way home. I'm glad I didn't hit him as my little car probably would have been more damaged then his but I just hate when drivers are so impatient that they risk an accident just to save a few seconds.

And a bonus bad driving story:

I told some of my coworkers about my near miss. One of them told me about a friend of theirs who got hit by a guy who ran a stop sign. When he got out of the car, he started yelling at her for driving a Japanese car and not buying American. If he loves this country so much, maybe he should learn to obey American driving laws. Idiot.
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