goth_is_not_emo (goth_is_not_emo) wrote in bad_driving,

What part of "Drive THROUGH" did you not understand?!

So late last night, my boyfriend and I go to a drive-thru ATM at the bank to get money for SuperCon (which was awesome, by the way). When we get to the beginning of the lane (the ATM is in the same lane as one of the drive-thru banking lanes), there is a woman a few yards in front of us.

Dear lady in the white car:

I know that the signs above the drive-thru banking lanes said "CLOSED." This doesn't mean that you are somehow prevented from being able to drive through those lanes--the force-field generator is on the fritz, and the strips of spikes haven't yet been installed. I assure you, the only thing that is closed is the fancy tube that you use to send stuff back and forth to the teller (who is, naturally, either at home or out with friends by this point on a Saturday night). YOU CAN STILL DRIVE FORWARD.

I can sort of understand you having to back up a little to let your gentleman friend back in after he walked up to the ATM on foot. However, there is no fucking reason at all for you to back up again after he is safely in your car. We were right behind you, and blew our horn several times. There was another car behind us. You came within an inch or two of hitting my car, which would make me very angry. Windows were rolled down. You told us to back up, and we told you we couldn't. You insisted that you somehow could not pull forward because you had to turn to the right (which you could just as easily do AFTER pulling forward, because there are loads of stop signs all around there).

We had to sit there and wait for your crazy ass to do a three-point turn around us to get to the stop sign before the drive-thru banking lanes. After which you proceeded to drive right back into the area in front of the drive-thru lanes. WHY.

I cannot fathom how you could possibly have gotten a driver's license with so painfully little intelligence. Well, I can imagine, but given that you're both physically attractive and dumber than a sack of hammers, I don't think you want to know what I imagine you did to get that driver's license. Stay AWAY from all drive-thru lanes until you figure out how they work, please.

No love,
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